A top quality adaptor that can safely connect 2 or more power supplies

Simply attach the molex connector of the first PSU on the one end of ConnectPSU and the power connector of the second PSU on the other end and you are ready to go!

Eliminate the need for expensive high wattage power supplies. Connect your old PSU together and satisfy your power needs!

Top quality

Each unit is individually crafted in especially made aluminium cast, all components prior to assembly are selected carefully and all wiring connections pass quality and operational checks. Molding is performed under strict conditions to ensure highest quality and achieve life long operational capability.


Designed as a regular inline adaptor, does not require mounting position providing you with the freedom to locate it in any convenient arrangement within your computer chassis or your mining rig and of course relocate it as easily.


Made from high quality silicone, ConnectPSU adaptor is rigid enough offering peace of mind while attaching and taking off your molex and atx connectors. Its proven durability ensures that falling off the table or three stories high will cause no damage to the unit.

Water proof

Either spilling a cup of tea over the unit or sinking it in a bag of water will leave ConnectPSU intact. The fixed silicone body and the silver plated connector pins make ConnectPSU corrosion free.

Electromagnetic compatibility

The working relay is electromagnetically shielded preventing any electromagnetic interference with adjacent devices.